Planning your annual report?

2B are mission critical annual report specialists.

At 2B we have the experience and expertise to provide agencies and organisations with the power to engage with key stakeholders through effective, compelling and accessible annual report design and execution. This results in delivering essential information about your organisation’s financial targets, performance and strategic direction. We firmly believe your annual report is a unique opportunity for you to speak directly to internal and external audiences and convey core messages in a clear and compelling way.

With our team of professional editors, designers, indexers, web developers, and production specialists, we can manage every stage of your annual report project, ensuring a stunning communication that is persuasive, easy to understand, and demonstrates your company’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

From high-quality printed materials for your investors and stakeholders, to interactive, accessible PDFs, infographs and online page turners, 2B can deliver value by identifying the perfect annual report design solution to fit your needs.

Four tips for making your annual report a successful mission

1. Start thinking now
While annual reports are often seen as a design drag, there are plenty of ways to turn this report into a fun and memorable design project. With better design comes more reading and retention – two positives for your brand. But you need to start thinking about it now. Don’t wait until the report hits your desk to determine a design strategy. Start talking to your team about your story for the year and how to create an annual report that will get people talking.

2. Tell a story with purpose
An annual report project starts like almost every other design challenge – with a story. What is the story your report should tell this year? While your report will contain financial must-haves, consider this story along the way. Is it a story of change or success, or learning experiences? How can this story impact or predict, or make shareholders and employees think about the year to come? Think of the annual report as a branding piece that helps “your people” better understand the organisation they are a part of. The other important consideration when it comes to telling your story is to maintain your organisation and brand voice. Is your organisation generally serious or more light-hearted? Allow that voice to come through in the design and content of your annual report.

3. Make data visual
The infograph is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal when it comes to reports with plenty of numbers. We can help you read through data and information and develop ways to showcase that data visually. 2B can create charts or graphs, we can brainstorm new ways to show the impact of data in your report. Providing information in a format that is easier to understand, with visual elements that draw the user into the information and creates a better understanding of the information, is a win–win for everyone.

4. Think in chunks
Every bit of information in your annual report should be linked and contained in a way that makes it easy to understand. Breaking down a complicated document, such as an annual report, into chunks of information (or chapters) that have a natural fit and flow makes information easier to digest and understand. What’s nice about chunk-style thinking is that you can create distinct visual elements/features for each chunk. This works well in both print and electronic applications. For the user, it makes information easy to skim over or move through without having to read line by line.


Every annual report produced by 2B is based on working closely with key personnel to ensure a smooth, successful process in which all key milestones are met. Working side by side on a report creates an environment where 2B and your organisation can work collaboratively to explore the best possible way to communicate a report’s story and key information, especially in regards to the online delivery of your annual report. Having the annual report as a user-friendly, content rich, and accessible resource builds your profile and adds another layer of integrity and transparency to the organisation.

Our experience in delivering Federal Government annual reports has built extensive knowledge and experience with the Parliamentary Paper Series guidelines, and the procedures and requirements involved in ensuring reports are delivered and tabled as required at the right time.

In summary, we would be delighted to be involved with your annual report. If you have any questions or would like to meet the 2B team please contact me on 6280 8374.