Before starting an advertising campaign project, we want to know everything about how and why you need to tell people about your product or service. So our advertising strategy is simple in terms of steps, but layered with insight and intel through our brand development process.

Our basic steps, stripping away all the jargon, go like this:

  1. Establish why you need an advertising campaign. Answers could include: sell more stuff / get more customers / tell people something new / to educate and inform.
  2. Together we write a brief and draw up effectiveness criteria and project objectives.
  3. 2B come up with a Genius Idea.
  4. Combined 2B team works out the best way to execute the Genius Idea (social, email, TV or radio, outdoor, print, direct mail and more).
  5. The 2B team develop a plan and schedule to implement campaign, including scheduling, printing and buying of ad space.
  6. Day of Reckoning – evaluation and ROI measurement.

Effectiveness can be a divisive word. The holy grail desired by all clients. Our job is to deliver Big Ideas and Better Results. So, before you start planning your campaign, we work with you on what you’d like to measure.

Different performance objectives require different approaches to measurement. Understanding whether a campaign has worked is ultimately about selling more of your product or service but there are a lot of steps along the way that can be measured – awareness, engagement, preference, intent, conversion, advocacy.

We’ll work with you to establish the goals for your campaign and be clear about what you should and could measure. We are all about proving in tangible ways that your advertising campaign is working, using benchmarks, metrics and data.

However, we are also more upfront than most about the fact that many benefits of marketing are intangible and therefore tricky to measure. One of the very best outcomes of a great campaign is its memorability. But how do you measure that?

How do you truly and accurately measure recognition and intent if someone saw your ad, was influenced by it, and buys your product six months or a year later? The truth is you can’t, so the key thing to track are longer term trends, buying habits and patterns.

Advertising expertise

Integrated campaign development

Earning the trust and respect of your customers takes more than just a catchy slogan or a well-designed logo. Creating a integrated campaign that stands out and consistently engages your audience is a great way of gaining customer loyalty. Understanding your target audience and their behaviour can dictate how best to connect with them and in turn, which channels to communicate through.

Online & social media campaign development

Audiences, objectives, formats, platforms – buying paid social media without expert help can be a daunting task. There’s so much more to a good paid social strategy than simply boosting a post; it takes experience in effective audience segmentation and targeting combined with an innovative approach to planning and a willingness to stay on top of the ever-evolving social terrain. To get the most out of social media, it is crucial to plan ahead and come up with a strategy that engages your target audience. Not only is social media unique in its ability to schedule the timing of advertising, its also the most effective medium for targeting a specific audience through location, age, gender and interests. The ability to target a demographic, monitor a campaign’s performance and measure the engagement make social media an essential part of any brand strategy.

Exhibition and display advertising

Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences present businesses with the opportunity to fly the flag and put their brand in front of a large and potentially lucrative audience. Exhibitions and displays can be a costly exercise, so it pays to put on a good show, stand out from the crowd and make a positive impression.

Media planning and buying advice

Ever-changing and fast paced, today’s media landscape is constantly shape-shifting. It takes real skill and a combination of solid industry experience and in-depth knowledge to navigate this complex marketplace confidently, and identify exactly the right mix for our clients.