In business, brands build trust and customer loyalty. While many successful brands stand the test of time, many others fizzle out and fail to make an impact. The fallout from an underachieving brand can be irreversible. So what does it take to win our hearts and minds, and gain our loyalty?

Brands that get noticed and stand out from the crowd possess assets that work hard to give them the edge: a striking logo, good copy, a memorable campaign and an online experience that puts the user first. The starting point is always your audience – how you match what you do best with your audience’s needs is where your positioning lies. Finding your unique differentiators in this space is how you stand out from competitors and appeal to your audience.

Branding lies at the heart of our services. Our experience in logotype design, advertising, website design and social media ensures a brand’s strengths, values and USP are communicated with conviction across all media channels. We create brands that connect with their target audience, get noticed and establish a lasting presence in the market. We have a full arsenal of brand tools to help your organisation define its brand positioning statement, tone and voice, personality and more.

If you are a organisation or business looking to establish a brand presence, or an existing business requiring some much-needed revitalisation, our process, market insight and creative expertise will deliver the results you are looking for.

Brand expertise

Brand strategy

Brand strategy is the what, where, when and to whom – but above all it is the how. It determines how objectives and ambitions will be fulfilled, aligning the brand to the target market by ensuring customers understand what it stands for, why it is better than others and how it differs from competitors. To do this, the strategy provides clarity and consistency in terms of messaging, tone of voice and image. It also focuses on the target market, identifying the media channels most suited to putting the brand in front of customers and winning their trust.

Brand workshops

Our brand workshop is a great starting point and that’s because we believe that investing in a stakeholder workshop at the outset delivers great results. It ensures that every creative brief is built on a thorough understanding of the organisation’s values, target audiences, objectives, brand positioning and identifies the outcomes we intend to measure to validate success.

Brand positioning & messaging

Some would have you believe that a brand strapline or tagline is of little importance, that words can be easily changed these days online, as and when there’s the slightest shift in direction. And that’s all very well, but in our opinion, the right words can paint an enduring picture for your brand and should talk to your audience in their terms. In an ideal world, your ‘words’ will perfect reflect your brand personality, be memorable for your audience and be strongly associated with your brand over time.

Brand tone of voice & guidelines

Engaging with your audience through distinctive, recognisable copy is key to expressing your brand’s personality. Guidelines help to ensure that you maintain a consistent tone of voice. A consistent style will ensure your audience feel at ease with your brand and understand the message more clearly. Try to sum up the values of your organisation in a few key words, for example what adjectives would you use to describe your organisation? How do you want to come across to customers? Adjectives will help define your brand’s personality and establish a tone for your copy.

Brand rejuvenation and rebranding

Rebranding doesn’t need to cost a fortune – by carefully planning out the process, breathing new life into your brand can be achieved within almost any budget. For rebranding to be successful, it has to be carried out strategically and have a clear creative vision behind it. By carefully planning how to rebrand your organisation, we can help you avoid any pitfalls or alienating any of your existing customers.