Tim Bohm
Creative Director

As creative director, founder and sole owner of 2B Advertising & Design, Tim is committed to achieving the best outcomes for 2B’s clients. Tim has more than 15 years experience as a designer and art director in reputable agencies in Canberra, Sydney and London, and it is Tim’s enthusiasm and commitment that are the driving force behind 2B’s success.

Linda Rosin
Content Director and Senior Typesetter

Linda wears two hats in the 2B studio. She is an exceptionally experienced typesetter, with over 20 years experience working on annual reports and large publications. She has excellent attention to detail and applies a patient methodology to large projects. She has a keen eye for detail and the patience to work through even the most complicated brief. Linda has proven herself to be a vital member of the 2B publishing team. As content director Linda oversees and managers 2B’s community managers and works with clients and the 2B team to develop content that is engaging, appropriate and on message.

Bruce Mackay
Creative & Communications Strategist

Bruce has worked in marketing and advertising for over 30 years. He led a very respected local agency for nearly 25 years as Managing Director and he plays an active role in the creative development and strategic planning of certain campaigns here at 2B. His wide experience in communication strategy and planning, together with a detailed understanding of the trials and rewards of running a business in the national capital, make Bruce a valuable resource. Bruce also sits on the board of Carer’s ACT Board.

You can find out more about Bruce @ www.cutthrough.com.au

Tim Green
Front End Developer

Tim’s specialty is web design and development. He has quickly established himself as a valuable asset to the studio with his dedication to new media and is such a web enthusiast he blogs about it in his spare time. Now that’s commitment!

Shaya Dashtinezhad
Graphic Designer

Shaya is a talented and creative designer who understands that a balance between strong ideas, creative flair, good relationships, and a positive character is a recipe for successful design solutions.

Her design style is contemporary, slick, distinctive and sometimes playful, and always creates memorable work. Shaya is the latest addition to the 2B team providing fresh and innovative designs.

Shaya graduated from the University of Canberra in Bachelor of Graphic Design in 2013, and acts as support to the design team, executing direction on projects with great creativity.

Lauren Mitchell
Graphic Designer

Lauren is a passionate and talented designer who focuses on creating meaningful and eye-catching designs. She joined 2B shortly after completing her Bachelor of Graphic Design from the University of Canberra. Her enthusiasm towards her work means that she continually produces outstanding designs, and does so with a smile. Lauren’s creativity, dedication and skill make her a valued member of the 2B team.

Shannon Wilson

There are many reasons Shannon has built up a reputation as a leading producer. She offers a deep understanding of the production process, strong organisation skills, a stellar list of contacts, a positive attitude and a genuine passion for the industry. Importantly, she offers 10 years experience as a Producer, Production Manager and Production Coordinator of high quality television, corporate, documentary, film and commercial projects.

Janet Kortlever

Bio coming soon

Horse Head
Human Resources

Horse Head