Tim Böhm
Creative Director, Communications Director, Account Director & Founder

As founder and sole owner of 2B Advertising & Design, Tim is committed to achieving the best outcomes for 2B’s clients and he is accountable for the high standard and quality of all final creative work that is produced at 2B. He is involved in every aspect of client brand management, and strategically plans communications and implementation. He ensures that all creative communications are innovative, achieve the desired results and are on brief.

Tim works closely with all 2B’s clients to interpret their communication objectives and goals. Once the objectives and goals are locked in, Tim and the 2B team will develop possible proposed creative approaches, solutions and treatments that align with meeting those objectives and goals. This involves gathering research to understand business; developing proposals and estimates; developing the creative approach; developing project plans; concept development and visualisation; scheduling, allocation, and management of resources. Tim works closely with the studio manager and digital production manager to manage the workflow in the studio. Tim is responsible for managing client change requests quickly and efficiently while being aware of lead-in time and impacts on project delivery. He oversees projects from start to finish to ensure clients are satisfied and receive their desired result. He identifies opportunities to grow the business while maintaining levels of service and delivery. Tim is dedicated to ensuring 2B produces work that is not only visually appealing but also conceptually functional. It is Tim’s enthusiasm and commitment that is the driving force behind 2B’s success. Tim is involved in all creative projects produced by 2B. He has a very hands-on approach, getting involved in every aspect of projects and ensuring the best possible solutions are found and implemented every time, and on budget. He initiates and motivates creative ideas for and from those involved in the creative process in the 2B studio, with clients, and external third parties as needed.

Tim has embraced emerging digital technologies and provides online and social media strategy advice to government. He helps clients to select the right messaging and content strategy that resonates with the identified target market with the appropriate platform. He understands how to leverage social media marketing for listening and engaging, not just broadcasting.

Linda Rosin
Studio Manager, Senior Typesetter, Communications Strategist

Linda wears a few hats in the 2B studio. As well as being an excellent Studio Manager, Linda is an exceptionally experienced Typesetter, with over 18 years experience working on Annual Reports and large publications. She has excellent attention to detail and applies a patient methodology to large projects. She worked for some of Canberra’s biggest design studios before taking a break to start a family. Linda has a keen eye for detail and the patience to work through even the most complicated brief. 2B is lucky to have her multi-skilled talents as part of the team.

As 2B studio manager, Linda can quickly adapt to change, she thinks quickly and uses her initiative to get the best possible outcomes for projects and clients.

Linda is involved with all 2B projects, including strategic overview, scheduling, client satisfaction/liaison, as well as proofreading and desktop publishing on specific jobs. In addition to studio management, Linda works with Tim to implement project management processes and tools, such as project timelines, and ensures that all projects go through the internal 2B quality control steps before being presented. She works collaboratively with Tim on the important tasks of project management, quoting, budgeting and invoicing, and post project analysis reports.

Delaney Monaghan
Graphic Designer / UX Specialist

Delaney is a highly skilled digital and print graphic designer who understands that successful design solutions require a balance of strong ideas, creative flair, positive relationships, and a positive character. With a genuine passion for design, she is dedicated to creating meaningful and visually striking designs.

Delaney’s talent, technical expertise, attention to detail, and collaborative nature make her a highly valued designer. Her passion for design, coupled with her extensive skill set, consistently produces outstanding results.

Detail-oriented and patient, Delaney possesses a keen eye for precision and excels at navigating even the most complex design briefs. Her technical expertise and meticulous approach ensure excellent design and typesetting skills. Whether she is involved in a project from start to finish, or overseeing and ensuring high design standards, Delaney’s commitment to excellence shines through.

Delaney thrives both independently and as a collaborative member of the 2B team, excelling at effective communication and project coordination. With an extensive understanding of corporate branding, layout, colour theory, and typography in both print and digital media, she consistently delivers projects on time and within budget, paying meticulous attention to detail.

Nafis Jaigadkar
Web Developer and Content Accessibility Specialist

Nafis is a highly valuable member of the 2B team, known for his exceptional ability to provide files and projects as per government requirements.

As a skilled Web Developer and Content Accessibility Specialist, Nafis’s expertise in HTML conversion ensures that digital publications are not only visually appealing but also accessible and compliant with industry standards.

Nafis’s proficiency in creating tagged PDFs plays an important role in promoting inclusivity for users with disabilities, allowing them to access and navigate content effortlessly.

With an acute attention to detail and extensive experience in web development and content accessibility, Nafis brings a comprehensive understanding of best practices and compliance requirements to every project he undertakes.

Elizabeth Henderson
Digital Production Manager, Content Director, Community Manager

Elizabeth has the prize for the longest job title at 2B. They might seem like many different jobs, but they all relate to each other. Each role fits nicely into our agile 2B workforce.

Elizabeth is involved with the allocating, scheduling and managing of digital jobs in the studio. She liaises between 2B personnel, platforms, social channels and community managers. She works collaboratively with Tim on the essential tasks of project management, quoting, budgeting and invoicing, and post-project analysis reports.

Elizabeth’s responsibilities include the coordination and completion of digital projects on time, within budget and within scope. She sets deadlines, assigns duties, and monitors and summarises progress of projects. As content director, Elizabeth oversees and manages 2B’s social media community managers, and works with clients and the 2B team to develop content that is engaging, appropriate and on message and brief.

Maddie Sinclair
Copy editor, proofreader

Maddie is our professional editor, proofreader, and copywriter. She has a thorough grasp of the English language, microscopic attention to detail, great word flow, and incredibly high standards when it comes to consistency of language and design, typos, and English grammar.

Maddie’s eagle eyes ensure your work is correct, consistent, professional, and well presented. She will proofread the text letter by letter, and word by word, to check for typos, punctuation, grammar, context, and design consistency.

2B is super lucky to have Maddie as a contractor at 2B. Find out more about Maddie here: https://catchthesuncomms.com